Privacy Policy

What data we collect
We (Silverback Interactive) only collect and process personal information related to your Google Play Games account, such as your email and user name associated with that account. This data is optional, and is not required for any core functionality of any application or services we provide. This data can be revoked by you at any time.

What data we DON'T collect
We do not collect any personal information related to your location, name, phone number, race or ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, date of birth, gender identity, financial information, app and web browsing history, as well as many other types of personal information that aren't related to your Google Play Games account.

How we use your data
We only use your personal information to interact with Google Play Games services, such as awarding achievements, posting to leaderboards, saving your game save data to Google servers and analyzing player statistics.
-We don't sell your personal information to advertisers or third parties.
-We don't share your personal information with anyone outside of Silverback Interactive or Google unless required by law.
-We only retain your personal information while you are signed in to Google Play Games within our apps.
-This data is not stored on our servers or transmitted from our servers. All data management is handled by Google.