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Hello! I'm Victor Hughes and I made this website and the projects you'll find on here. As for me, I'm a video game developer, web developer and graphic designer who hopes to share my games with the world! Silverback Interactive is my personal brand name that I've created along with the logo. My latest project has been a mobile video game called Grim Space. Have a look around! And thanks for visiting!

Goose Lawyer

Goose Lawyer is a mobile game about a world of fancy suits, gallons of coffee and geese that mean business!
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Cyber Chimp

Cyber Chimp is a mobile game about a digitized, severed, monkey head, attempting a daring escape from a cybernetic prison!
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Grim Space

Inspired by retro arcade games, Grim Space is a challenging arcade shooter that requires keen reflexes and expert piloting skills to master!
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Thanks for visiting!!
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